Department of Philosophy at Uludag University/Bursa accepts students in two-stage exams to be put in practice from the 2010-2011 academic year. According to the renewed latest University Entrance Exam application, the applicants would be accepted on their TM 3 points (Turkish-Mats-Social Sciences programs). According to the new University Entrance System issued and carried out by YÖK (Board of Higher Education); all the students already been enrolled in the department also have got the chance of taking English Preparatory Course for semesters, if they need or want.
     Following the registration period, the academic advisors would be assigned for the new registered students; they will be helped and supported on both Double Major Undergraduate Program and Subspecialty Program; also, the Department performs a significant role on the Erasmus and Farabi Exchange programs. In addition to that, our Department of Philosophy is said to be the most preferred department by the students who want to study Double Major Program or Subsidiary Programs as well as it offers a variety of General Elective Courses for the students from the other faculties. Additionally, The Philosophy Students’ Club having a privileged place among all the other Student Unions is helped and supported by the Department’s teaching staff, they also make contributions not only to its companions but also the other students form the various faculties for setting up a close relation with Philosophy on the basis of meeting their requirements.
     The Program of the Department is divided into eight semesters. In BA Program, there are Compulsory Collective Courses, Selective Courses, Occupational Compulsory Courses and General Optional Courses. All the required information on the lessons, Uludag University’s BA Programs; Regulations and Directions, Credit system Rules, tutorial fees, Renewing the Registrations, Identity Card, Diplomas, Academic Calendar Foreign Language Preparatory Classes, Summer Courses, Undergraduate Transfers, External Transitions are all available on the web pages of General Directorate of Students’ Affairs.
     For your all questions, You can consult Prof. Dr. Ogün ÜREK (the BA Program Coordinator):
     Phone +90 224 29 4 1831
     E-mail: ogunurek@uludag.edu.tr
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